Riverfront Plaza

photo: Pendleton Riverfront PlazaThe Riverfront Plaza is home to the Courting Blue Herons statue by Michael Maiden, which is part of the Pendleton Bronze Trail tour. 


Completed in the summer of 2010, Riverfront Plaza is part of the Court Avenue/River Parkway Enhancement project that began in 2008. The plaza is the central element in a long term plan to highlight the Umatilla River and Pendleton River Parkway, as well as to better connect downtown Pendleton with the Round Up grounds. (photo courtesy of GreenWorks P.C., landscape architect for the project)


photo: interpretive sign at Riverfront PlazaYou will find these signs for the Riverfront Plaza, thanks in part to a very generous donation from Wildhorse Foundation. The sign has interpretive information about the Umatilla River and salmon in the river, as well as donor information for benches and trees in the park. Riverfront Plaza was designed to reconnect people to the river again, we hope the information provided on the sign helps foster that link. Check it out sometime!

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