Spring Restroom Schedule

For the winter season, we must winterize and close park restrooms that are not heated. We have begun that process and will update this post daily with which are open and which are closed. Drinking fountains must all be turned off for the cold weather season. 

Park Restroom Drinking Fountain
Brownfield Open n/a
Community East Open year-round* OFF
Community West Open year-round* OFF
McKay Neighborhood CLOSED for the season n/a
Rice-Blakey CLOSED for the season n/a
Grecian North CLOSED for the season On
Grecian South Open year-round* n/a
May  CLOSED for the season OFF
Til Taylor Open On
Kiwanis  CLOSED for the season On
Stillman Open OFF
Pioneer Open On
Roy Raley Open year-round* On
Trailhead Open year-round* On
Sherwood CLOSED for the season n/a

*Even heated restrooms that are meant to remain open year-round must close when the temperatures drop below 10 degree Fahrenheit. 

Last updated: 4/18/2018

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