Adopt A Park and Adopt A Parkway

image: adopt a park logoWhy Adopt A Park or Parkway?

Adopting a park or section of the parkway trail is a great way for local groups, individuals, or organizations to get involved in the community. The primary goal for adopters is to help keep our parks and trail safe and clean. Join others who help!

Time Commitment

Most tasks require a monthly commitment.  Each park will have an individual work plan that is agreed upon between the group/individual and the Parks Department. Some sites may require additional time commitments because of size and/or amenities within the park. Weather and time of year can play a role in determining park projects.

image: parkway heron logoAn organization commits to a one-year period of adoption based on the calendar year. In fall of each year, the program coordinator will mail an evaluation request and renewal document. An organization can choose to renew, change parks (as available) or terminate the agreement.

Tasks Performed

Parkway adoption involves litter clean-up in an assigned section. Following is a list of typical projects that volunteers may be asked to perform in parks:

Pick up litter Rake leaves Rake playground
Report park hazards Sweep paths, shelters, restroom, etc. Pull weeds
Report graffiti Clean picnic tables Mulch trees/shrubs/flowes
Restock doggie bag containers Snow removal Other advanced tasks with prior approval

Not all tasks will be performed in all parks.


Adopt A Park/Parkway signs are placed in each park or trail section that is eligible for adoption, with the volunteer's name or logo below. Volunteers can also choose to remain anonymous.

Adoption Process

  1. Your group coordinator or key contact must print, fill out, sign and fax, mail or hand-deliver the Adopt A Park Program pdf application or Adopt A Parkway pdf application (also available at the Parks Office) to: Pendleton Parks and Recreation, 865 Tutuilla Road,Pendleton, OR 97801,FAX 541-276-9789.
  2. Parks staff will review your adoption application. You will be contacted upon approval to agree on a work plan.
  3. Groups may indicate a preference for a particular park on the application; however, applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis and staff may suggest an alternate location.

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