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We are governed by a seven member Parks, Recreation & Cemetery Commission, who serve a four-year term and are appointed by the Mayor.  Meetings are held at Noon on the second Tuesday of each month at the Parks Office, 865 Tutuilla Road, Pendleton.

Current Commission Members:

Vern Willcox, Vice Chair
Brett Bryant
Dawn DiFuria McClendon
Rick Guenther
John Blessinger
Chris Garrigues
Kathryn Brown
Molly Turner

Parks Division

The Parks Division maintains Pendleton's parks system, which includes 22 public park areas and 20 landscaped sites. This includes 11 reserve-able park shelters. Maintenance activities include turf mowing, operation of irrigation systems, restroom cleaning, park garbage pick-up, tree maintenance, leaf and snow removal, and related activities to keep the sites attractive and functional. In addition, the Parks Division coordinates rental of the Vert Auditorium, Club Room and Little Theater.

The Pendleton Parks Commission was established in 1928, becoming the Parks and Recreation Commission in 1961. Pendleton’s park system developed around 1915 when the site for Til Taylor Park was acquired and land was set aside for Round Up Park, now Roy Raley Park.

Recreation Division

The Recreation Division staffs and programs the Aquatic Center, Til Taylor pool, two summer park programs, adult and youth athletic activities, a thriving gymnastics program and many other recreational activities. The Recreation Division also coordinates birthday party rentals and community use in the Helen McCune Gymnasium, as well as rentals in the Pendleton Foundation Room downstairs in the Recreation Center.

Recreation programming began around 1927 with Pendleton’s ten week public playground program of supervised play. A newspaper article in 1929 noted that 165 children attended the last picnic of the playground season.

Cemetery Division

Olney Cemetery, a 49-acre cemetery, is operated and maintained by the City of Pendleton's cemetery division that includes Olney Abbey Mausoleum, the Memorial Garden, and Treehaven (pet cemetery). Activities include turf mowing, irrigation, grave openings, tree maintenance, and other activities to keep the cemetery functional and attractive.

The Pendleton cemetery, later known as Pioneer Cemetery, was abandoned in 1891 when Olney Cemetery was established. Most graves/headstones were moved to Olney, but several remain in what is now known as Pioneer Park.

Parks, Recreation & Cemetery | 865 Tutuilla Rd. | Pendleton, OR 97801
Phone: 541.276.8100 | Contact: casey.brown@ci.pendleton.or.us

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