Trees - A Growing Topic

It seems like we're paying more attention than ever to the issue of trees in Pendleton, and that isn't a bad thing. Besides just the sheer beauty of trees in our landscapes, the economic and environmental benefits are well worth noting.  This page is an assembly of the most relevant information that we believe Pendleton's citizens would like to have, but if we've missed your topic don't hesitate to contact us at the Parks office, 865 Tutuilla Road, 541-276-8100.

Tree Advisory Commission

We are seeking volunteers for this recently approved commission.  It's primary responsibility is to formulate, adopt and continually update, a long-range, comprehensive community urban forestry plan, which shall deal with recommended areas of planting, pruning, removal and regular or periodic maintenance in parks, along streets and in other public areas.  If you have expertise in the area of horticulture, landscape or architectural design, or some other pertintent field, please consider volunteering for this commission. You can review the full ordinance or download an application form for more information, or call the Parks Office at 541-276-8100.

Right Tree Right Place

One of the most important considerations when planning your landscape is selecting the right trees for the site.  Considerations like buildings, power poles, shade, and more, need to be taken into account. Here's a list of trees that are good selections for Pendleton and some information that will help you decide if it is the right tree for your site. You could also link to the Arbor Day website (opens new window) for additional information.

Downtown Trees

We've compiled a list of trees that are suitable for downtown (pdf) street plantings and that are also appropriate for any area that requires a mature crown width of less than 20'.  Some of these are fruiting trees, so be careful to select a non-fruiting cultivar, or non-fruiting tree if fruit is undesirable for your site. If you see the word "persistent" it means the fruit tends to stay on the tree; "non-persistent" means that it may dropo.

Plant 1000 Trees

Starting with Arbor Day in 2009, Pendleton Parks and Recreation rolled out an initiative to plant 1000 trees in Pendleton.  We're counting trees planted in your yard, in our parks, along our streets, memorial trees, you name it! You can use the link below to tell us about your trees and maybe even win a free tree.

Webform to Report Tree Planting Activity

Memorial Trees and Benches

A memorial tree or bench is a great way to recognize a person or organization, or to memorialize a loved one. Link to the Memorial Trees and Benches page for more information or give us a call and we'd be happy to work with you on your best option.

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